Friday, April 1, 2011

On Horseback Through Palestine

Apparently my grandfather, William R Harshaw, developed his cruise into a presentation.  See this

This is from the Christian Work and the Evangelist, 

The Rev. W. R. Harshaw, D.D., whose recent article on the strike must have awakened many of our readers to a sense of personal responsibility, takes advantage of the prevailing fondness for clubs by founding in his congregation a Bible Study Club. Why not the Bible, indeed, as well as Persian or Hindoo literature or oriental art?
The inauguration of Woodrow Wilson at Princeton is in the line of a movement to make laymen university presidents. Perhaps this is an experiment worth trying. It is pleasant to call Dr. Patton still president of Princeton, because the seminary is his charge and the great new endowment fund will give scope for enlargement and progress. Such as Dr. Patton never step down; to the last, they go ever upward.

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