Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pittsburgh Reformed Presbyterians

Here's one page of an excerpt from a book, which gives a little perspective on the Rev. John Black, Michael Harshaw's mentor, and the Reformed Presbyterians.

A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and Her People By John Newton Boucher: "number of churches of the Reformed Presbyterian faith became offended at the action taken by the ecclesiastical authorities of the church with reference to George H Stewart and his pastor Dr Wiley of Philadelphia They had begun to use and were using other poetical compositions than the Psalms of David in their divine worship and for this were severely censured by the general authorities of the church Those who were offended accordingly withdrew and united themselves with the Presbyterian Church This church like all churches which originated in Scotland has paid great attention to educational work and particularly to the education of its ministry With the division of 1833 the the old side party was left without a theological school in 1836 they tried to organize one at New Alexandria Pennsylvania This project was abandoned and two Seminaries one at C"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Obit of Rev; John Rippey, from General Assembly Minutes

Minutes of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church of North America By United Presbyterian Church of North America General Assembly, General Assembly, United Presbyterian Church of North America:

"John Rippey DD age 67 Caledonia Presbytery son of Joseph and Eliza Smith Rippey was born Nov 24 1827 at Seneca NY and made a profession of faith in the AR congregation of Geneva NY about 1840 or 1847 was graduated from Union College in 1851 and studied theology at Newbnrg and Princeton was licensed Dec 14 1852 by Caledonia Presbytery and ordained Aug 6 1856 by the Presbytery of Saratoga pastor of West Kortright NY Aug 1856 Dec 1866 Cnylerville NY Dec 20 1800 until his death The degree DD was conferred by Westminster in 1884 He was married May 18 1853 to Elizabeth Black of Seneca NY who with one son and two daughters survives him He died at Cuylerville NY May 14 1894 of Bright's disease "

Friday, August 1, 2008

Michael Harshaw's Move to the United Presbyterians.

This reports the movement by most of the Western Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church to the United Presbyterians. I apologize for the omission of a couple of sentences--I'm still learning how to handle the Google books excerpting.

The Reformed Presbyterian magazine. Jan. 1855-July 1858, 1862-76:
"WESTERN PRESBYTERY OF AMERICAN GENERAL REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN SYNOD UNION WITH UNITED PRESBYTERIAN SYNOD The Western Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church held a called meeting at Coulterville Illinois August 10 1870 to take action in the matter of union with the United Presbyterian Church All the ministerial members were present and elders from all but two congregations After hearing reports from the various congregations the following Paper was presented Whereas The General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church did at ita sessions in Cincinnati in May last reject the basis of union prepared by the Joint Committee of the United and Reformed  unite on the common principles of our Standards with a Church if not in letter yet in spirit identified with us in doctrine worship and order We therefore claim for the Presbytery the sessions the trustees and congregations with us all rights privileges and immunities secured to us by the Constitution of the Church and the law of the land 4 That when Presbytery adjourns it be to meet in Paxton Illinois on the 30th inst to meet the Illinois Synod of the United Presbyterian Church to carry out the preceding resolutions After discussion the vote was taken on this Paper resulting as follows Yeas Revs J M Master DD M Harshaw JK Martin WS Bratton and Messrs RM Munford David M Clure Thomas Kell Robert Wilson and JK Rainey 9 Nays Rev S Wylie DD and Messrs RW Marshall MD Robert James and John Boyle 4 Dr S Wylie for himself and others who might unit"