Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To and From York, PA

June Lloyd at Universal York has a post on the railroad age in York, which permitted people and goods easy access to many places.

One little appreciated vehicle of transportation for the York area was the Susquehanna River. I bought, skimmed, and almost immediately misplaced a book on working lives in the Broome County, NY area. Apparently for many years lumbering was the big industry there, beginning in the 1790's and going on until about the 1850's. Men would fell the trees, particularly during the winter, skid them to the river(s), and in the spring float them down the Susquehanna to market. Then the raftmen would travel back to Broome county.

My guess is the river path was probably the way the Rippeys, McCauley's, Blacks, and McIntyres traveled from York and Lancaster Counties to Ontario County, NY

Friday, November 7, 2008

John Harshaw of Bangor

Marjorie and I were discussing our early ancestors--there's a John Harshaw of Bangor (not Maine, Ulster) recorded in the 1630's or so--and when they might have entered Ireland. Glancing at the entry for the Ulster Plantation corrected some of my misimpressions, and suggested John might have been part of the Hamilton settlement.

Googling brings us to this interesting website on Hamilton/Montgomery. The website even includes a map with "Bangor" at the top (on the Belfast Lough). Unfortunately, the website apparently was put up in connection with the 400th anniversary of the settlement (in 1606) and hasn't been added to since.