Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ministers in Hague, NY for Summer

This piece from the Ticonderoga paper of Aug 18, 1898, reports that William and Ada were in Hague and W.R. preached a sermon at the W.M Church.  The writer expressed the hope they'd build a cottage there before another year. Hague is a town on Lake George.  From the other notes, it looks as if it was a popular summer resort for ministers.

The Harshaws were visiting "Capt. Mrs. Robinson".  Whether she was a relative, friend, or just the hostess of the summer resort I don't know.

Dr. Harshaw on the Minimum Wage

The Geneva newspaper picked up something from (presumably) W.R.Harshaw on the subject of fair wages for working women.  (He was for, or at least didn't think women should engage in prostitution on the side to make up for low wages.)  Can't copy the text, so you'll have to look at the link.