Thursday, November 3, 2016

Second Go on Photos

[I'm going to cross-reference the originals of the photos, which Marjorie will receive shortly, to this post, adding data and thoughts as available.]
I've included the restored versions of the photos from the previous post, plus the two photos of Michael Harshaw we have. [Updated--since I'm going to link back to this post, there's liable to be further updates.]

This, I believe, is a tintype taken around 1882 showing William R. Harshaw (Will) and part of his graduating class from Westminster College, PA. Note the presence of women--the college was founded as a co-ed institution.

This, I believe, is a tintype taken on the same day as the first photo, with just the three men. Note the clothes are the same.

This is labeled as "W.R.Harshaw", possibly in Helen Gold's handwriting. This would be about 1860 when Will was 5 years old.

This is a daguerreotype in Marjorie's possession, which she believes was taken on the occasion of the wedding of Will and Margaret. This was Dec. 27, 1842. I've reservations, given that daguerreotypes were introduced to the U.S. just 3 years before but it's possible the Harshaw family went to Pittsburgh to be photographed around the time of Will and Margaret's wedding.

Is the man in this daguerrotype the same as in the picture above? Marjorie says "yes"--the nose, ears and hairline look the same. Perhaps it was taken also at the time of the wedding?

Who is this man? Perhaps Michael's brother, also taken at the time of the wedding.

And this couple? The man looks to have a family resemblance with the previous men in the photos

This is a late photograph of Michael Harshaw, in possession of Marjorie.