Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Update

I've been remiss in working on this blog. Maybe I'll do better, but here's a brief update.

Cousin Marjorie has been to Ireland, delivered her talk on John Martin, MP, renewed old friendships, done further research on Martin, found the Newry exhibit on Martin is now scheduled for 2011, and successfully returned home.

I've done little research, but thanks to a cousin who contacted another cousin I now have the 1900 census data for my Hoeppner family in NYC. The index had read "Hoeffner" instead of "Hoeppner". The census data overturns a family story that grandfather had planned a trip with a groupto Alaska as part of the Alaskan gold rush, which plan was disrupted by my grandmother's pregnancy with my mother. As a result, grandfather supposedly swapped his place in the expedition for the farm in Broome County. But 2 years after mom was born they were still living in New York City.