Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trip--Day 7

Just figured out I didn't post a record of day 7 of the trip Marjorie and I took back in 2008, so I'm only 6 years late (and probably inaccurate).

We left Brecksville, Oh, traveled east, visited Grove City, noting the stone blocks in the main street recording history, including that of the Grove City Harshaws.  Marjorie visited the bank where the Harshaw Diaries had been stored, though she wasn't able to see the vault.  We then went north, stopping briefly in the Grove City cemetery and then to try to locate Andrew Harshaw's farm, but I got lost and frustrated and couldn't find it.  We did succeed, after searching a good while and finally asking for instructions, in finding the church where Michael and M. were married, and then the Rocky Glen graveyard, where Sarah and her children are buried.

Late in the day we got into New York.