Monday, October 31, 2016

Help Wanted--Identify Photos

Haven't blogged here in a while.  My sister Jean died in the spring, leaving a bunch of family stuff to sort through.  Gradually making some progress.  There are some tintypes/daguerrotypes I'll put up here, with the information I have about them, the guesses I've made, and the questions I have.[Updated 11/1/16 with Marjorie's input.]

This seems to be William R. Harshaw (center) with two fellow classmates from Westminster college around 1880.  (See below.)

I'm not sure who this couple is--nor am I sure of the time frame--perhaps 1860 and this is a daguerrotype? Could be Rev. John Rippey and Elizabeth Black Rippey,[Marjorie suggests possibly one of William's sisters and husband.]

Don't know who the two pictures above are--is there a family resemblance?[Marjorie suggests this is Michael Harshaw]

This is labeled as "Wm R. Harshaw"--may have been Helen Gold's writing.

I think this picture is likely of the Westminster College graduating class of abt 1880--note the overlap with the first picture.

If you've any ideas as to identity, please comment.