Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seneca Township and Its Towns--Introduction

Through e-Bay (which I urge everyone to use--you can save a search and be notified anytime something comes up for sale that meets the terms, such as "Rippey"(warning, I own e-Bay stock)) I got a 1905 map of Seneca Township and its towns: Stanley, and Hall's Corners. I'll be scanning the images and putting on the Internet. The map is big, about the size of 6 letter-size pages laid out, so I couldn't get everything in one image. It shows the owners (or maybe occupants) of each house and farm in the township, including a Rippey, McCauley, McIntyre, and Black. The images themselves are now in my Picasa web album, which I haven't used in a year or so. If and when I include the image in a blog post, you can click on the small image to get a full page view.

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