Monday, September 15, 2008

Rippey Genealogy--Future Attracttion

Courtesy of Bobbie Ernst, I have a copy of what I call the "Rippey Generalogy", though technically it's "Genealogy Tables of Some Rippey Families in the United States". W.H. Rippey built it based on foundations done by John Newton Rippey. I'm trying to retranscribe it, so it can be shared on the Internet.

As a note, the genealogy essentially ends with Captain John Rippey's birth in 1749. As a result of Jean's researches, it's reasonable to believe we have two more generations, Mathew and Hugh, identified. See the tree and here.


Anonymous said...

This is really interesting. I have long thought about a blog on my family research, you have rekindled the idea.


Bill Harshaw said...

Linda, you might want to try a "wiki" instead of or in addition to a blog. (I just got "Wikis for Dummies" from the library and it raises interesting possibilities. The main thing is every family member can add to material.

George Simpson said...

Bill, I have another copy (#17) of the 1931 Rippey book (over 100 pages). This clearly states that Samuel and Rachael were not the parents of Capt John Rippey. I also had the same conclusion that you had about Matthew Rippey and Margaret being the parents.
My mother was Helen Rippey Simpson and that makes Capt John Rippey being a direct decendent (6 generations) to me.
Who was Matthew's father then? A cousin of Hugh Rippey of Shippensburg? They all came from the same area of N. Ireland (Co. Fermanagh) so they probably knew each other.
I also submitted a DNA sample to Ancestry and should have my results in a couple of weeks.

Bill Harshaw said...

Hi George: You can see I don't check comments very often and haven't been blogging here much.

My guess, and its only that, is that since the name "Hugh" appears both in the Lancaster/York line and the Shippensburg line there's probably a close cousinship involved.