Thursday, November 8, 2007

Seneca No. 9 Presbyterian Church

Received an email from the Rev. Ellen Johnson yesterday. She's the minister at the Seneca No. 9 Presbyterian Church where the Rippeys and others worshipped. Said she'd heard from a number of descendants of early church members because they'd just celebrated their bicentennial on Oct 21.

According to Rodney Lightfoote's history of the church, the raising of the original building was accompanied by the drinking of some gallons of whiskey. [shock, shock]. He notes the controversies through the years.

While I'm thinking of it, let me note my vague memories of a story that my sister heard from someone--someone in authority during the mid 1800's said there was no way that an organ would ever cross the church threshold. So the pro-organ party managed to get it in through a window!

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