Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Photos

I got copies of several photos from Bobbie Ernst:

Margaret Ellen Rippey
Elizabeth Rippey
James Raymond Turner holding Raymond Weld Turner, with George Rippey Turner
Elizabeth (Rippey) and James Turner, perhaps an engagement photo from 1856 or so.
Paired photos of Elizabeth (taken in Geneva, NY) and James (taken in Ft. Wayne) perhaps in 1880 or so.

I've uploaded them to a Picasa Photo Album under the title "Rippey Line Material" and shared them with Jean, Marjorie, and Bobbie. It's a public album, so let me know if there's any problems.


Nicole Miller said...

Hello. My name is Nicole Miller and I am related to Jennie Esther Johnston, who was the wife of George Rippey Turner. My mom is a Johnston. The Johnstons are also of Scots Irish descent. I have traced them from Chicago back to Michigan, to Ohio near Cleveland, and before that they were somewhere in New York state in the 1820's--still trying to figure out where. I would love to trade information with you.

Bill Harshaw said...

Hi Nicole--you can see I'm not very good at contacts. Have you had any contact with Bobbie (Roberta) Ernst? Though I don't have her in my ancestry tree and its been a couple years since I've heard from her, she's a closer relative to you. I know she's done a lot of writing on her ancestors.

My email is (or