Monday, September 10, 2007

Contacting Others has the facilities for one to contact other researchers. I've not done that yet. Partly because I'm uncomfortable with the quality of what I've done (I tend to be an intellectual snob, more comfortable with critiquing others than putting my self forward). Partly because there's enough else to do.

But this weekend got emails through ancestry from two people, both asking about the Anderson Tree I'd done for Marjorie. I doubt either will gain from it, but I'm reminded I should be contacting others. Just looking up family trees on has identified several trees incorporating some of the ancestors. Given my ambition to cover the collateral branches that's rewarding. And once or twice I've been able to fill in the gaps from a tree. (Of course, I've mostly not documented the source. :-( )

This ties in somehow with Marjorie's news this morning of the mail she found waiting for her return from the west coast. Hopefully she'll post a description of the White linkage.

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Julian's blog said...

Dear Harshaw Family:

It's great that you posted this.
A year ago I decided to input some of my family tree at the web site.
Lo & behold - a few months later - a long-lost branch of the family tree was able to locate me from England.
Exciting, eh?
Doesn't hurt to reach out...