Friday, August 17, 2007

Updates of Harshaw Family Tree

I've been adding to the Harshaw Family Tree on, picking up collateral lines, like Ralph Gold's ancestors (old New Englanders, perhaps even with a poor relation of the Brown Brothers of Providence, RI (or maybe just run of the mill Browns), Goulds, Lovejoys, and what all.

A couple of tidbits--Ada went back to her mother to have her first child--Helen was born in Cuylersville. On my mothers side I've about filled in all the first cousins, to the extent I can.

Of course, when I say "filled in", I don't necessarily mean anything more than hitting the census records and maybe the SSDI death index.

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bennie and patsy said...

I am a descendant of Stephen Marion Harshaw. Could there be more info on him here?
Patsy Smith