Monday, August 27, 2007

Elizabeth McIntire Smith Problems (Again)

The listing of Old Number 9 Cemetery gravestones shows Elizabeth as wife of William:

For the Smiths:

Amy, wife of Leonard; died Feb 23 1819; ae 38-4-11;
Elizabeth, wife of Capt. William Smith and dau of Samuel & Isabella McIntire; died Aug 3 1820; in her 22nd yr;
William; died June 29 1831; ae 68 yrs;
Josiah; died Jan 25 1847; ae 77 yrs.
Ann H, dau of P. W. & S. A. Smith; born May 7 1849; died Sep 6 1852;

Observations: Elizabeth is too young to be the mother of Elizabeth Smith Rippey (1805-1838).

If the dates are right, William really robbed the cradle, being 40 odd years older than his wife. One possibility is the transcription is mistaken--a "52" would fit pretty well. Otherwise we've a problem. So, because I'm totally frustrated (I keep getting the Elizabeths mixed up), I'm going to assume the error.

That only leaves the issue that her offspring are forgotten in the Hugh McIntire suit.

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