Monday, August 15, 2011

Stewarts and Lower Chanceford in the Civil War?

York county is the next county east of Adams county, the county seat of which is Gettysburg.  It's near enough it had a fair amount of Civil War action.  The York blogs have mentioned some of this.  This post at Universal York has a list of names from Lower Chanceford township which were in a hastily-alerted unit mustered during July 1863.  I see several Stewarts, who might descend from Capt. John and Mary Orson.  I also note some surnames which are familiar in NY: Grove, Fulton, Boyd, Smith--I often wonder whether the migration to Geneva, NY accounts for some of the overlap in names between the two areas.

With this number of men from Lower Chanceford, I also wonder how many were away fighting?

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