Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helen's Housemate in Foochow

From this(using the plain text):
"Grace Steinbeck, f l of A A A, is the Student Secretary of the Y. W. C. A. for Fukien Province, China, supported by the colleges of Ohio and West Virginia. She is a graduate of Leland Stanford University about I91Q, She was local Y. W. C. A. secretary at San Jose Normal School where she proved a great inspiration to the girls and they were loath to give her up. She was sent to China in 1916 by the girls in the colleges of Ohio and West Virginia to bring to Chinese women students the opportunities of an abundant life through the Christian Student Association. What has she accomplished?
(1 ) In the three years she has been in Foochow she has acquired a fair knowledge of the Chinese language and customs.
(2) Has taught Bible classes at a number of student conferences where there were gathered a large number of non-Christian women students, many of whom have since become conscientious students of the Christian faith.
(3) She has visited many government and mission schools in Fukien Province in the interest of Student Christian Association.
Miss Steinbeck lives with other missionaries in a cozy home on Black Rock Hill, Foochow City, Fukien Province, China. Any work addressed to her by any individual students or Associations would be greatly appreciated. She would be very happy to send any Chinese curious or helps for meetings upon personal request. A few cents usually covers cost and postage. Last spring the Foochow City Y. W. C. A. was organized and the students in the schools in Foochow have much contact with the City Association secretaries.
Miss Steinbeck has been in this country this winter and has been studying at the National Training School, of the Y. W. C. A., in New York. She has just attended the National Y. W. C. A. Convention at Hot Springs. Arkansas.
She is returning to China this fall to resume her work there, and will continue to be supported by the students of the Ohio and West Virginia Field of the Y. W. C. A."

Found another source which says Grace was John Steinbeck's aunt, apparently not her favorite nephew.

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