Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A FAmily Visit

From Rootsweb: 

I think this is from August 6, 1890, judging by the URL [corrected]

Several cars of a north bound freight train were wrecked here Monday morning, caused by the breaking of an axle tearing up several rods of track and blockading the road all day Monday.

The Rev. Mr. HARSHA and family of New York and Mrs. Joseph RIPPEY of Nebraska are visiting with the family of Rev. John RIPPEY, Mrs. Joseph leaving for the west this morning.

Miss Stacia O'KEEFE returning Saturday after several months' sojourn in Rochester.

Quite a drought prevails in this neighborhood at present, especially in the hills, where pastures have dried up and beans and potatoes will not be much more than half a crop. The threshing of wheat is in progress, which will yield from fifteen to twenty-five bushels per acre, for which 90c is being paid."

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