Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Views of North Fenton

Going through old photographs I found two photographs looking northeast from our farm past North Fenton up the Page Brook valley. The first is in color, taken about 1974, from Richards Road at the south boundary of the farm. The pasture is the hillside which is invisible. It wasn't picturesque because it hadn't been used for a few years and had not been clipped, so it had started the process of growing brush and small trees. It's fall and the far off trees have changed color more than the nearby ones.

From Bill's Miscellaneous Photos

This photograph was taken from approximately the same point and the same angle, except this time you can see the pasture. You can also see there's many fewer trees visible. There's a handful in the fencerows on the farm, which by 1974 have become a full line of trees. I think the general impression in the 1974 photo is of a farm surrounded by woods, not so in the 1910's photo.

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