Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chanceford Township

Bought "A History of Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 1747-1997, issued by the Brogue Community Lions Club, November 1997, June R. Grove and Richard Konkel, Esq., editors.

It's well done, with lots of information, but Capt. Rippey doesn't star. There is a mention of an "Orson Mill" and a ferry which George Orson operated in 1783. Captain Reed operated after the Revolution. Doing an Internet search finds a reference to Captain Reed's operating the Orson Mill and having "river rights" and operating a ferry which became known as "Shenk's Ferry".

At the rear there's a section of local genealogies. The one for the Stewarts adds some information for them, including the fact Ernest Stewart wrote a "Stewart Genealogy".


Vivian said...

Hello Bill,
Would really like to find out how I can purchase "A History of Chanceford Township, York County, Pa.
I understand there is lot of info on the Kilgore branch going back to Ireland in 1528. My stepfather is a Kilgore living in York. I have been doing family research on the Kilgore's from Chanceford. Appreciate and help you can provide.

Vivian Bolick

Bill Harshaw said...

Hi Vivian,

I bought a copy through e-bay--I set up a saved search for Chanceford Township and the history showed up. It was published in1997 by the Brogue Community Lions Club but it doesn't seem to be on abebooks.

Checking the rear for "Kilgore" there's about a page and a half of fine type on the family.

I can email you a copy of those pages if you can't find the book somewhere and send me your email address. Mine is

Anonymous said...


I'm researching my York Co. ancestors, and would be grateful to know whether A History of Chanceford Township includes information on arevolutionary soldier named Andrew Coon or Andrew Guhn, and if the History mentions a change of name.

Currently there does not seem to be a site for sale of this book and my only interest is as stated, so I do not know if I should invest more time in trying to find the book if it does not include the information I seek.

Many thanks.

Bill Harshaw said...

Hi Mia,
I'll be glad to help but unfortunately I'm not organized. :-( I'm not sure I can find the Chanceford book now. I'll look.

Bill Harshaw said...

Mia. You're in luck--found the book. There's no Coon or Guhn, but there is a section on "Gohn". 3 brothers arrived in 1738. One had 12 children. Adam Gohn II served in the Third Battalion, Christian was at Valley Forge. If you'll email me your address at I can scan the page and send it to you. Or I see the book is on sale for $75! on Amazon.