Wednesday, December 3, 2008

William Harshaw's Second Church

From the Jefferson County Ohio Genealogical Site:
First United Presbyterian Church – Steubenville, Ohio – The church was organized in 1810 as a Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church. On March 7, 1811, a call was extended to Mr. George Buchanan to serve a three-point charge of Yellow Creek, Steubenville, and Harman’s Creek. He was installed June 4, 1811. About 1817 the first building was erected on the site of the present building. In 1837 the second was erected. In 1838 Rev. Buchanan served only in Steubenville. In January of 1857, Rev. J.K. Andrews became pastor. Mr. Andrews became chaplain of the 136th Ohio Regiment in the Civil War. By September of 1864, Mr. J.W. Clokey was installed. His family was very important in the history of the United Presbyterian Church in North America. His wife raised millions of dollars for missionary causes. His daughter, Mary Clokey Porter was the secretary of the Women’s Missionary Society. Rev. T.J. Kennedy was pastor form 1869-1873. In late 1873, Rev.S.J.Stewart became pastor. He resigned in 1877 and later practiced law. Rev. William S. Owens became pastor in 1877 and the old building was razed and a new building was erected. It was dedicated on January 1, 1884. Rev. William Harshaw served from 1887 to 1889. He was followed by Rev. E.M. Milligan who served until 1895...

And from this on Muskingum College:
The alumni of this college comprise men who are prominent to-day in the ministry, in the field of letters, and among the professions and business men in various sections of the Union. The following are the members of the present board of trustees: Term expires 1891--Rev. W. H. McFarland. Cambridge, Ohio; Rev. J. T. Campbell, Kimbolton, Ohio; Rev. J. J. Madge, Dalton, Ohio; Rev. J. W. Martin, Mt. Perry, Ohio; Rev. W. H. Vincent, Mansfield, Ohio; Rev. J. G. Kennedy, Wellsville, Ohio; Henry McCreary, M. D., New Concord, Ohio. Term expires in 1892--Rev. J. P. Lytle, D. D., Sago, Ohio; D. E. Ralston, Esq., New Concord, Ohio; Rev. C. E. White, Galligher, Ohio; Rev. W. R. Harshaw, Steubenville, Ohio; Samuel Harper, Esq., New Concord, Ohio; Samuel Smiley, Esq., Sago, Ohio; John E. Sankey, Esq., Cambridge, Ohio.

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