Saturday, July 19, 2008

Officers and Ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church

Google Books enables one to look up a lot of 19th century publications. Here's one that lists the officers and ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General Synod, with which Michael Harshaw was affiliated until 1870.
The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrancer of the Church By Joseph M. Wilson: "OFFICERS AND MINISTERS OP THE faeral Spob of eforuieb jm tman Cjrartjj EEV GAVIN MCMILLAN Morning Sun Ohio Ckrh Assistant Ckrh f rrasrmr JOHN N McLEOD DD RUT JA CRAWIORD ROBERT STEENSON ESQ I tologkal JJitmrtarg Philadelphia Pa i N McLEOD BB Prof of Doc and Pat Thelogy TWJ WYLIE DD Ex Hilt and Evan Theology oarfr of lomcstrc Pissions Xenia Ohio RET JA CRAWFORD Corresponding Secretary JAMES C MCMILLAN ESQ Treasurer oarb of Jorrign P Philadelphia Pa TW 3 WYLIE DD Corresponding Secretary GEORGE H STUART ESQ Treasurer Joari of Siratation Pittsburg Pa RET AM STUART Corresponding Secretary JAMES P FLEMING ESQ Treasurer PERIODICALS NAMB PUBLISHER TERMS Banner of the Covenant REV M McBRIDE 2 00 Presbyterian Hist Almanac JOSEPH M WILSON 1 50 PLACE Philadelphia Pa Philadelphia Pa Weekly Anniml 32 THE REFO"

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