Friday, May 9, 2008


For what it's worth, this DIRECTORY OF IRISH FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH shows these as research interests:

RIPPY/RIPPEY, family, (1600-1900), Ardstraw, Co. Tyr. from
1600 descs. Dr Wm. Ripy, Huguenot, Paris - Byturn,
Scarvagherin, D’clamph, Cappagh.

1058 ROS(S)BOROUGH, all names, all dates, Ahoghill, Co. Ant.
1058 ROSBOROUGH, Jas., (c.1778- ), B’mena area, Co. Ant. son of

5845 McCAULEY, Arth./Dan., (1700s-1800s), Clare, Crosserlough,
Co. Cav.
2888 McCAULEY, Bernd./Jas., (1820- ), Co. Ferm.

No Harshaws or McCloskey's listed.

Contacts include:

9634 HARSHAW, Mr, James, 5132 Treesdale Ct, Sarasota, FL, USA,

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